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Practical Missions to Lunar and Earth-Orbit Destinations

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Story earth to moon static

Regular ride-share missions to lunar destinations

  • Translunar injection, lunar orbit, lunar surface, and rover
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Flexible payload mounting and separation options

  • Up to 265kg payload mass to the lunar surface
  • Lander and rover mount-point alternatives for different payload types
  • Straightforward mechanical and electrical interfaces
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Custom missions

  • Customized power, communication, and thermal control
  • Fees vary by destination, mass, and infrastructure used
  • Option to purchase entire launch to specific orbital or surface destination


Practical 01 static

Low cost, end-to-end lunar delivery

  • $1.2M/kg to the lunar surface
  • $2M/kg on lunar rover
  • Fully custom lunar surface missions $110M to $150M and up
Practical 02 static

Shared infrastructure lowers your costs

  • We supply propulsion, navigation, power, and communications, so you don’t build it or pay for the mass
  • Your payload mass fee includes a power and communications allowance
  • Additional power and communications are available for added fee
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Your payload is our primary mission

  • We balance the needs of each mission's customers
  • Our safety and integration requirements are designed for customers like you
  • We never treat you as "secondary payload"


Reliable 01 static

Proven subsystems and off-the-shelf components

  • Established commercial US launch vehicle provider
  • Off-the-shelf components for propulsion, navigation, power, and communications
  • We keep the rocket science to a minimum
Reliable 02 static

Autonomous landing system

  • Fully autonomous descent to safe landing
  • We use industry-proven Doppler LiDAR, star trackers, and sun sensors
  • We don't take chances with your payload

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